Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 19, 20 and 21

Just a few more of our historical christmas facts to go! We hope they’ve been making you feel really christmassy! Today’s pic is a backstage pic from our first festive show – Viva Las Vegas Christmas, at Swansea’s Monkey Bar, 2015… All we remember about that year was the snow and poor Banbury Cross and […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 15

Well, we’ve got just 10 more of those facts to go – and that means 10 more pics from our christmas Bluestocking shows. Today’s pic is Eliza DeLite’s Like A Prayer act from our Blue Christmas show, 2013 by Miss Moth Photography… and speaking of Lite…   Fact #15 concerns Christmas lights.  It’s Thomas Edison […]

Geeky Historical Christmas facts pt8

Well, we’re a third of the way through our Christmas countdown already, and sharing Lilly Laudanum’s Christmas facts – which are totally nothing to do with burlesque, but everything to do with festive cheer!  Fact #8… Which concerns the origins of Xmas…  X is actually the greek letter Chi, the first letter of the Greek […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 7

Nothing to do with burlesque (aside from giving us the chance to root through the Bluestocking Christmas album) but everything to do with Christmas, we’re bringing you a geeky historical Christmas fact for every day leading up to Christmas…  Fact #7 – Mince Pies…  They are actually of Middle Eastern origin (my fave part of […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts pt6

It’s the 6th December, so that means part 6 of our christmas facts! Absolutely nothing to do with burlesque or cabaret, but everything (obviously!) to do with christmas – plus it gives us the excuse to look at all our festive BSL pics from the past five years! Fact #6 wassailing…  While wassailing (old english […]