Just About To Hit The Stage? Five Tips For Performers To Control Nerves

Never be afraid of nerves! So you are waiting in the wings for your name and act to be announced… Nervous? Good, that’s a good start! Nerves come from the basic human ‘fight or flight’ mode. It’s a concentration of energy to help you in a moment of ‘stress’ and a build up to help […]

CV Help For Performers

TemplateCV We know a lot of performers are not sure of what to put on CVs when applying for slots on bills so we thought we’d put our heads together and share what we like to see on an application for Bluestocking Lounge shows – and hopefully you performers out there will find some of […]

How To Get Paid and How To Account for Payment…

So you’ve done the show, now you want to get paid. Most performers find it awkward to bring the subject of payment up, so here’s a few helpful tips, plus helpful advice on invoicing, accounting and filing a tax return…  The basics… Always agree your fee and travel in advance as turning up on the night […]

Act Mapping and Creating a Story Line and Tension

Like every good book, film or theatrical production, when you are creating an act for the stage, you want to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning right through to the end. Unless you intend to improvise right the way through the piece (not advisable at all, unless you are a very accomplished performer!), the […]