Performer Tips – The Importance Of Audience Interaction

When we, the audience, go to a show, we go to be entertained. If we go to see a band, we want the band to move us, we might even get a bit excited if the guitarist throws us a plectrum; if we go to a theatre show, we want to feel something – we […]

5 Years! A retrospective, part 4 – 2013

So now we hit 2013 in our look back at shows, and things really hotted up with shows selling out months before… We joined forces with the Dylan Thomas Centre to bring Dylan Thomas to a new audience and we saw the last ever performance of Flixx Demontrant… February – Love In Our first show […]

Happy new year!

Well, what a year 2014 was! We certainly had a great time – and we hope you did too! You’ve certainly been an appreciative audience and your excitement for the acts we’ve brought down has really made our nights! So we thought we’d take a look at some of the highlights of our Bluestocking Lounge […]

5 General Tips for New Burlesque Performers

As producers, we look at a number of criteria for the performers we book for our shows… Here’s a few tips that we’ve learned from four years of performing and three of booking shows… 1. Tight!¬†Your routine must be tight! Think of it as a video – where ever you pause, it must be clear […]