The Importance Of Play In Your Practice

Yes, we all know what it is to play. We’ve played in playgrounds, we’ve played with our cats and played with a lot of other things… But how many of us performers remember the art to creating great things on stage is playing? Here’s a guide to why it’s important and how it can enhance […]

History Of Burlesque: The Leg Mania Artiste

The origins of burlesque are old – ancient, in fact! And we like a bit of history! So today’s installment of our history of burlesque series takes a look at the Leg Mania Artiste of the 1800s… And it’s not quite what you think! You might think of leg mania, in our times, as someone […]

Audience Participation – Own It!

What’s the most important part of our acts? The Audience! Yes, the audience… They are the most important as without an audience we don’t have an act, really – as what’s the point if you are just going to perform for yourself in front of a mirror? And everything about burlesque screams audience participation – […]

Why Imitation Is Not The highest Form Of Flattery – Copyright Of Routines

The world of burlesque is a caring, sharing place! We care about other performers, we like to take new performers under our wings, we like to share ideas, stages, limited backstage space, hairspray and boob tape… But there’s one thing that it’s definitely not okay to share and that is routines – especially without permission… […]

CV Help For Performers

TemplateCV We know a lot of performers are not sure of what to put on CVs when applying for slots on bills so we thought we’d put our heads together and share what we like to see on an application for Bluestocking Lounge shows – and hopefully you performers out there will find some of […]

Things to think about when constructing a routine…

We always get asked what we look for when booking acts for the shows and as Bluestocking run beginners burlesque classes, we get asked by potential performers how to construct a routine… so we thought we’d put together a few pointers (which we must just point out isn’t the ‘be all and end all of […]

5 General Tips for New Burlesque Performers

As producers, we look at a number of criteria for the performers we book for our shows… Here’s a few tips that we’ve learned from four years of performing and three of booking shows… 1. Tight! Your routine must be tight! Think of it as a video – where ever you pause, it must be clear […]

Music Tips and Help for Burlesque Performers

We often get asked how to choose music for an act by new burlesque performers who are struggling to find something to dance to so we thought we’d put together a little info blog on music.    Inspiration. Performers stumble across their music in all sorts of way. In fact, your act might even be […]

Costume As Burlesque Choreography

So you’ve got a concept for your act and you need help with costume ideas? Or perhaps you’ve already got your costume key pieces and need some pointers when it comes to mapping them in your routine… Well, here are a few things to bear in mind when costuming an act.    Costume considerations in […]

Act Mapping and Creating a Story Line and Tension

Like every good book, film or theatrical production, when you are creating an act for the stage, you want to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning right through to the end. Unless you intend to improvise right the way through the piece (not advisable at all, unless you are a very accomplished performer!), the […]