Fan Veil Workshop with Fulya This Saturday!

We can’t wait for Saturday – not only will be be hitting The Grand, Swansea, for our show (more on the performers later this week!), but the fabulous Fulya, belly dancer, will be leading a SOLD OUT fan veil workshop at Swansea’s YMCA…



Having seen Fulya perform at belly dance festival Majma and taken part in her workshop, we’re very much looking forward to the workshop. She takes an innovative approach with fan veils, encouraging participants to think creatively about the prop, and to use it in a ways that may not be obvious. Hailing from a belly dance and burlesque background, Fulya has been teaching since 2000. She is a respected fusion belly dance performer and event organiser and also runs Kookie Kaftan (bellydance Souk) with her sister. Constantly seeking to push the boundaries and re-define her art, Fulya’s peformances are a spectacle to behold and her creativity inspires those watching. Teaching since 2000, Fulya’s teaching style is warm, encouraging with easy to comprehend instruction.


We can’t wait!


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