Show News

After almost 10 years of producing bi-monthly shows at venues such as Swansea Grand – not to mention the odd Clwb Kaboom! show on the opposing months at Llanelli’s Ffwrnes (yes, that’s a lot of shows!), we are taking a break so have no scheduled shows at the moment. 

We would like to thank everyone who supported our events – especially all you regulars who came out, laughed, cried, heckled and thoroughly enjoyed yourselves at our shows. We would also like to thank all the awesome performers, from internationally known right to the beginners who took their first steps on our stage, for bringing all the glitz, glamour and grit to this part of wales.

thanks massively to Miss Moth Photographic Arts for the awesome photos – always! (pics above from our ‘Out With A Bang’ December 2018)

This is not the end… We will be back at some point, but in the meantime, thank you everyone, for making Bluestocking Lounge an event to remember!



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