Meet The Performer: Kiki Lovechild, performing at Swansea Grand this Saturday

We really cannot wait for Saturday night’s All-righty, Aphrodite show at the Arts Wing this Saturday, even more so because one of our favourite performers is in town! Step forward the wonderful Kiki Lovechild… Those who were regulars at our Carmarthen shows will probably remember the clever comedy of Kiki. His colourful (and often furry) […]

Meet The Performer: Luna Rosa, who will be performing at Swansea Grand next week

With our February show about to unfold next weekend, we thought we’d introduce you to some of our fabulous performers, starting with the incredible Luna Rosa If you’ve been a Bluestocking Lounger for a few years you might remember Luna Rosa, when she rocked the house with her sensual and stunning routines in 2012’s Jewels […]