How many acts?

As a performer, it’s great that the mind is constantly ticking over with ideas, excitedly hearing a track and thinking, “that would make an awesome act”, or seeing a costume and thinking, “yes! another new act”… but it is far better to have a few acts – and done well – than a load of […]

Clwb Kaboom!

what a fab night we had at our sold out sister night Clwb Kaboom! in Llanelli’s Ffwrness Theatre… We had storm troopers, Care Bears, Gold, powderpuffs, hula hoops, Mary I, a fortune teller, a doll on a music box and a teddy ‘bares’ picnic! Our wonderful compare DeeDee and side kick Dawn were joined by […]

Things I Have Learned Doing Burlesque

  There have been many things I’ve learned since embarking on the burlesque journey in 2009 by Bluestocking Lounge founder Lilly Laudanum…  I moved to South Wales from London in 2005 and didn’t get the opportunity to get out and meet new friends, other than in the circles my husband moved in, so heading out […]

5 General Tips for New Burlesque Performers

As producers, we look at a number of criteria for the performers we book for our shows… Here’s a few tips that we’ve learned from four years of performing and three of booking shows… 1. Tight! Your routine must be tight! Think of it as a video – where ever you pause, it must be clear […]

Tips On Show Applications For New Performers

Continuing our help for budding performers, we’ve compiled a list of things that we like to see (and those that we don’t…) on performer applications. Basics in the covering email: Firstly, do your research. If a show doesn’t allow fire / don’t like singers or bands, or specialises in one style (eg American-style glam and […]

Music Tips and Help for Burlesque Performers

We often get asked how to choose music for an act by new burlesque performers who are struggling to find something to dance to so we thought we’d put together a little info blog on music.    Inspiration. Performers stumble across their music in all sorts of way. In fact, your act might even be […]

Costume As Burlesque Choreography

So you’ve got a concept for your act and you need help with costume ideas? Or perhaps you’ve already got your costume key pieces and need some pointers when it comes to mapping them in your routine… Well, here are a few things to bear in mind when costuming an act.    Costume considerations in […]