Tassel Washing Tips

As Lilly makes costumes, she sometimes gets asked for help on how to care for them. For instance, can tassels be washed? We often love putting loads of tassels on costumes – eg, on the zip pull to help us find it when on stage, or to finish a costume. Also belly dancers love putting tassels on tribal or folk costumes. Tassels can be really fiddly to remove and sew back on just to wash a costume, yet can become scruffy and tangled when put through the wash but this tip will help keep them tangle free. This tip also will help anyone who has cushions with a tassel, those tie-backs featuring upholstery tassels, etc… 

Basically, yes you can wash tassels – we’ve even put them through the washing machine! You firstly need to check what the tassel is made of. If it’s a cotton or polyester-made tassel and is quite sturdy, you can certainly wash them. Do not wash wool or metallic tassels, or tassels made from non colourfast dye unless by hand. You also need to check what the item that it is connected to is made of. Generally if the item is made of man-made fibers or cotton (and not mixed fibers as this could cause shrinking in unpredictable ways) you can put the item through the washing machine. We would advise on using the delicates cycle although we have washed items up to 40 degrees.   
Ensure your tassel is hanging straight and then wrap a rubber band around it to keep all the ends together and even. it is that simple! Remove the band once the wash cycle has finished and when drying the item, use natural means, not a tumble drier.

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