History Of Burlesque: The Case Of Fanny and Stella, Small-Time Actresses Of The Burlesque and Burletta

The Victorian era is an interesting period, in that it made different types of entertainment accessible to audiences of all kinds. The Victorian age was that of discovery (and re-discovery in some cases) and the popularity of going to the theatre or music hall to see exotic acts, comedy, character-driven pieces was at it’s height, with […]

Fees… How Do You Know What To Charge?

Today we thought we’d tackle that ‘interesting’ debate of fees and how do you know what to charge. We get a lot of performer applications and often performers don’t really know what to quote, and sometimes feel that asking fee advice from other performers is a taboo subject. We’re kind of in an enviable position […]

Performer Tips: Gloves

Glove Tips Well, now you know where gloves came from and how symbolic they are, we thought you’d like some light relief by way of things you can do with your gloves to make removing them more interesting!  Decorate your gloves… Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? but how many performers bother? Decorating your gloves will make […]

Meet The Performer – Daisy Dalore, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

With the show hitting the stage tonight, there’s just one more performer on the bill (aside from our Lilly Laudanum – but you already know her!) that we think you should now about, and that’s Daisy Dalores!  Daisy Dalore started her burly journey with us in January this year on the Bluestocking six week course, […]

Promo Photos and What Will Make Bookers Book Your Act…

When you enter into the world of performing on professional stages and start applying for shows (actually, this applies for any show, whether a newcomer slot or high-profile billing), you will be asked to send pics of the act so producers can see the type of style you perform. We here at Bluestocking Lounge, often […]

Meet The Performer – Boris and Doris von Sneeze, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

With our next show happening tomorrow night at Carmarthen’s Lyric, we thought we’d better introduce you to a dynamic duo, familiar to those who come to our shows! It’s Boris And Doris Von Sneeze, bus pass-powered burlesque at its finest!   Boris and Doris first hit Bluestocking in 2011 and have since caused a storm […]

Pastie Tips

No one wants a pastie to fall off during a show – so here’s a few tips that might help keep them solid during your performance (originally posted on our Bluestockinglounge.com sept 2012)… Preparation is the key… Never use body moisturiser or oil-based products, talk, body powder or make up in the area that you […]