Meet The Performer –Didi Curv’e and Honey Holiday, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

Well, as it’s the start of the week, we thought we would bring you not one, but two performers who will be hitting the stage THIS FRIDAY at Carmarthen’s Lyric, for our Varietease-a-Rama show… So, here’s the first of our double acts Didi Curv’e and Honey Holiday – we collared the lovely Didi to tell […]

Meet The Performer –Glory Pearl, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

With our next show just under a week away, there’s a few more performers you simply have to meet! Today it’s the turn of Glory Pearl – a not-so-hidden gem!  Tunbridge Wells’ Glory Pearl’s genre-defying acts really have to be seen to be believed! She has a love of the ‘older generation’ and we love […]

CV Help For Performers

TemplateCV We know a lot of performers are not sure of what to put on CVs when applying for slots on bills so we thought we’d put our heads together and share what we like to see on an application for Bluestocking Lounge shows – and hopefully you performers out there will find some of […]

Meet The Performer – FooFoo LaBelle, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

Continuing our Meet The Performer series for our 12 September show (that’s a week today at Carmarthen’s Lyric!) we thought you should know about FooFoo LaBelle (if you don’t know this lovely already!).   We think FooFoo is an amazing performer who can turn her creative skills to just about anything (aside from burlesque, she […]

Meet The Performers for our September 12 show in Carmarthen – Kiki Lovechild

As our next show, Varietease-a-Rama! is just around the corner – next Friday, 12th September in fact (tickets are still available here:, we thought you’d like to get to know our fabulous performers… And seeing as he’s on all the posters, we’ll start with Kiki Lovechild…   Heading a bill that literally screams ‘Variety […]