Meet The Performer – FooFoo LaBelle, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

Continuing our Meet The Performer series for our 12 September show (that’s a week today at Carmarthen’s Lyric!) we thought you should know about FooFoo LaBelle (if you don’t know this lovely already!).  

We think FooFoo is an amazing performer who can turn her creative skills to just about anything (aside from burlesque, she does pole, belly dances and has recently added hoop skills to her already brimming portfolio) and there’s never a dull moment in her company, when she lets slip another of her interesting tales! 

FooFoo Labelle is a renowned burlesque performer and belly dancer, founder of Burlesque Cardiff, Cardiff Cabaret and co-founder of the Welsh Burlesque Festival. She has over 20 years performance experience under her (garter) belt in all types of entertainment and theatre and a quick pit stop of her career includes showgirl stints in China, Hong Kong, and Jersey, elephant riding as part of Sweden’s national circus, principle roles in pantomime, producing Miss Universe competitions and more! So we thought you’d like to get to know her before seeing her in action – here’s a little interview with her that was originally posted on our website, 

So FooFoo, how did you get into Burlesque? 
“I have worked as a dancer in cabaret shows, circuses and pantomimes as well as being a belly dancer so burlesque became a natural progression and a chance to bring all my performance experience together.”
You’ve performed all around the world, what has been your most memorable experience? 
“Whilst working in New Delhi my troupe was taken to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal as a New Years Day treat – what a fantastic day!”
Tell us about the elephant riding, that sounds amazing!
“I rode elephants whilst working as a dancer in Sweden, swimming with them in the lakes as well as being in the ring. Unfortunately the overall treatment of the elephants in my circus was pretty awful and I don’t believe any wild animals should be made to perform. I love elephants and dream of opening an elephant reserve.” 
You’ve worked with other animals too… Didn’t you swim with sharks?
“Not quite! I worked as a dancer and puppeteer in a tiny Italian circus right in the south, all around Calabria. Our main attraction was having tanks of lemon and sand sharks that some of the Eastern European dancers swam with – as a British citizen I was too precious to do that job! 
Tell us about producing the Miss Universe competitions – was that very glamorous? 
“Not glamorous for me! I spent most of those weekends organising and choreographing the competitors and of the night of the shows I was rushing around backstage, cueing the lights, compere, judges, music and contestants. But the girls always looked amazing!”
You produce the Burlesque Cardiff shows, what has been your most favourite Burlesque Cardiff show ever? 
” It’s always the last one we have done! I think, ‘O, that was great! We don’t do a better one!’ and then the next one is even more amazing. My burlesque troupe are fantastic, so inspirational and I get so much enthusiasm and energy from them.   
What is your philosophy in life?
“What goes around comes around.”
For more on FooFoo LaBelle head over here: – or better still, see her in person, at Bluestocking Lounge presents Varietease-a-Rama at Carmarthen’s Lyric, 12 September. Tickets are still available via the Carmarthenshire Theatres box office 0845 226 3510 or here:

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