Breast Is Best! Damson Danger on Returning To Burlesque After Baby…

She’s one of our favourite burly daughters, having made her debut in 2014 after attending the Bluestocking School of Burlesque… We are so excited to see Damson Danger’s return and here she writes a frank, honest and funny account on what it’s like to return after having a bonny baby!   “Well, what can I […]

Meet The Performer: Diva Hollywood

With our ‘All At Sea’ show happening at the end of this week we thought it was time for you to meet another of our awesome performers – Diva Hollywood! “She has the best Bazongers!” Burlesque legend Satan’s Angel on Diva Hollywood Actually, if you’ve been a regular at our shows over the last 6 […]

Getting a bad rep… how your behaviour off stage as well as on can end a career…

No one likes a diva backstage (unless it’s actual Diva Hollywood – we bloody love her, she’s gorgeous inside and out!)… Bad behaviour backstage is the fastest way to gain a reputation for all the wrong reasons… Be a joy offstage and on – your future depends on it and here’s why… Saying ‘thank you’ […]

Ooh, What A Waist! Part2 of our Corset Guide

Time to talk waists? Corset Is! Here in part 2 of our guide to corsets we show you how to properly lace a corset…  You’ve bought your corset and it has come with some really cheap and nasty ribbon… Or you’ve tried it on and you can’t seem to make it fit properly when you draw […]

Corset Guide Pt 1: Buying; To bone or not to bone

Time to talk waists? Corset Is! Many performers believe a corset is the quintessential costume piece when it comes to burlesque – but a corset can be quite a complicated piece of kit! So, here’s we’ve got the start of our 3 part corset guide – which will take you through buying your corset (part […]

Meet The Performer: Fräulein Frauke…

We’re getting all ship shape, ready for our next show, All At Sea, which hits Swansea Grand Arts Wing Saturday 16 April  – and we can’t wait! With got such a nautical but nice crew of performers for you, and we think it’s time you met them! So step forward the gorgeous Fräulein Frauke… Hailing […]

So You Want To Go Self Employed?

…Read this first!  Loads of us, performers or otherwise, dream of the life of being your own boss, with no one to answer to but yourself – perhaps you’re looking forward to the work-to-life balance others will have you believe exists once you go solo… You might even be dreaming of endless coffee mornings, flexible […]