Ooh, What A Waist! Part2 of our Corset Guide

Time to talk waists? Corset Is! Here in part 2 of our guide to corsets we show you how to properly lace a corset… 

WP_20160407_16_49_27_ProYou’ve bought your corset and it has come with some really cheap and nasty ribbon… Or you’ve tried it on and you can’t seem to make it fit properly when you draw in the cords from the top or bottom… Well there’s an easy answer to this – replace the lace! Replacing the lace will look like it fits better!


Correct lacing…

So, you’ve read our comprehensive guide on the types of bones, corsets, etc and now there’s more to think about… How to correctly lace a corset. Most corsets arrive with the laces either tied at the top or bottom… This is wrong. When you look at the human body, the tightest part isn’t the top, or the bottom, it’s actually the middle at the waist line and it’s here that you want the control of tighter or looser – not around your boobs.


Above, you will see the difference lacing the corset makes – pic 1 and two show an incorrectly laced corset, and show the impact it could have on your shape. Pics 3 and 4 show a correctly laced corset – and if this were worn buy a human model you would easily be able to see that by pulling the laces at the middle, you will draw in the waist, giving a more flattering hourglass shape.

Cutting the cord – let’s get started!

CorsetLacingpt1Cord for lacing is much better, as ribbon can easily get knotted or it can slip and your corset will already be loose. You will need at least 4m (5m is probably the best) and sellers such as Amoury UK do great quality cord for around £4 for this length. Mark on the corset where the waist line is with a couple of pins (pic 1 above) – this will be the narrowest part of the corset and usually the panels are curved and it’s quite obvious. Start at the top (pic 3 above) and lace your way down to the pins. When you get to the pin, when you come out of the eyelet, instead of crossing the lace over to the other side, you are going to go back in on the next eyelet down creating a loop (pic 4 above). Do this on both sides.


When you have created a loop on both sides, continue lacing up as you were before until you get to the bottom (pic 3 above) and here you are going to tie a very secure knot. Don’t worry about not being able to untie it – you will not be unfastening the corset again from here (you will only be using the middle ties to open, close, loosen and tighten) and it needs to be as secure as possible as the tension on this part will be strong. Pic 4 above shows you what the lacing pattern looks like – and you’ll need to pull out from the loops to create your length to tie. See pics below of what this looks like!

corsetlacing3In general, lacing for stage…

NEVER tight lace (as in waist-train, unless you are used to doing this) for the stage, as it could be dangerous. With all the adrenaline and blood pumping through your body with pre-performance nerves etc (I have witnessed performers pass out this way).

Make sure that the ends of the cord are not too long hanging down the back when the corset is tied. Heels can easily get caught in them, causing a performer to fall over (nasty). If the cord is too long, tie it around the front (easy to untie = happy days!)

Never get another performer to lace you in if you are wanting to take the corset off – not only will they not know how tight is too tight, but you may have problems removing it on stage if you’ve not tied the knot yourself…

Part 3 deals with corset removal on stage… Stay tuned!

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