Costume Tips: Washing Corset, Beaded Costume and other ‘unwashable’ items…

So you have an amazing costume that you’ve taken ages to rhinestone and it’s smelling a bit stale after a few wears… Perhaps your corset needs a bit of a clean or your fringing is getting a bit funky. Sometimes a spritz of Febreeze will not do, as perhaps the item is stained, so here’s […]

Meet The Performers – Come Fly With Me’s Newcomers!

We here at Bluestocking Lounge love new performers – and especially those who we have helped find their first feet on the stage (just look at Tickety Boo, Teezy Overeezy, Daisy Dalore and more!) so tomorrow night’s show will be even more special when two more Bluestocking graduates take to the stage. Those who were […]

Gorelesque – what is that? Bloody Burlesque!

Now that Halloween is almost upon us, who better to help with gorelesque act creation than Lilly Laudanum?  This post first appeared on in 2012, run by that lovely Transatlantic booty shaker Tuesday Laveau…  Bring on the blood! Yes, you might have guessed, but for me it’s Halloween every day1 for the past 20 […]

Meet The Performers – Betty Blue Eyes

Our Come Fly With Me show is next week and we are already getting very excited! Especially one of our favourite Welsh performers is coming to play! Miss Betty Blue Eyes lives in Cardiff but she’s no stranger to our Swansea shows! She will be arriving on stage via UFO we’re told! But we thought […]