Trainspotting – ‘Method Burlesque’?

You’ve heard of actors going ‘method’ to be a character for upcoming roles (like DeNero, Daniel Day Lewis – even bob Geldof in his roles as the rock star in Pink Floyd’s The Wall went a bit ‘method’…) but we’re kind of worried about Lilly Laudanum’s next character…

She has shifted from her Victorian era (you could say has gone a bit out of character) to enter the murky world of trainspotters and ‘bashers’ (who apparently are not train spotters, although they spot trains… yes, we’re confused!)

When doing a new act, we like to advise that you research a character or situation or skill as much as you can, that way you’ll have a sound base of knowledge on what it is you are trying to portray and the act will come across better, with more substance behind it. You might even find the act takes on a new dynamic, direction or inspiration depending on your research.

As some of you know, Lilly likes to do her research. but this time we sense a different kind of research happening. We’re told she stood at the end of a platform in Cardiff as a ‘class 67 freight’ was passing through, taking pics ‘just to see what it feels like as a trainspotter’. We’ve also seen her twitter feed mentioning train numbers and these images from across the rail network:


We asked her what she was playing at, but she just said she would “rather be a class 37 basher, but seeing as there’s hardly any 37s around, this is the next best thing…”

When pressed on this, she expanded thus: “there’s nothing like a triple headed 37 diesel convoy thrashing up the countryside. Hellfire! What an absolute BEAST!!!”

She’s also now saying stuff about The Embassy (apparently the headquarters of train ‘moves’, the nerve centre which knows which class engine is going where) and she can’t wait to head up to the North Wales coastline to be a proper ‘basher’ and ride and flail on one of the only 37s left…

It’s all getting a bit worrying… We hope she is around tomorrow night at our ‘Come Fly With Me’ show when apparently all will be revealed…

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