Performer Tips – The Importance Of Audience Interaction

When we, the audience, go to a show, we go to be entertained. If we go to see a band, we want the band to move us, we might even get a bit excited if the guitarist throws us a plectrum; if we go to a theatre show, we want to feel something – we […]

New Performer Tips: Thinking Big!

We know that, in everyday life, the motto is ‘less is more’. We all want to look naturally lovely, with beautiful barely there make-up, hair flowing naturally, with a gentile persona but when it comes to hitting the stage, that just isn’t going to cut it! You want that back row to see you, your […]

Meet The Performers Of Our Clwb Kaboom Show, Friday 20 March: Kitty Kane

As you know Bluestocking Lounge just celebrated our fifth birthday, and Carmarthen’s Lyric was the home of our joint production with Theatrau Sir Gar/Cabaret Rouge Cymru… Five years later we are still collaborating with them to bring shows to the Carmarthenshire audience, with our sister night Clwb Kaboom!. So, with this in mind, we are […]

Costume Removals in an Act

Whether you go for the straight up dance and bump and grind numbers or your act is set to a character and theme, how you remove your costume pieces (in essence, your choreography) is what separates you from just doing a dance and taking off clothes. The basics: Help yourself out – have a theme. […]

Costuming Your First Act

Today’s post is inspired by the ladies currently on the Bluestocking Lounge advance burlesque course. We are at the stage where talk of costume and act theme is important and the look of panic over budgets and general ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘jesus christ! how the hell can I costume my act on a budget…’ has […]

Our fifth Birthday Show! What A Show!

We’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t had time to pictorially update you on our last show! And what a show our Mad Love valentines day affair, was! We always love headliner Scarlett Daggers and she really was a sweetheart with her cheeky Tiki and balloon pop routines… We had hot showgirl action from […]

Getting The Right fitting Bra

So here’s one for today, and something that can be very confusing… Did you know that more than half of us are wearing the wrong size bra at this very moment? And also, did you know that the tension headache you keep getting could be the result of an ill-fitting bra? This is exactly what […]