Meet The Performer: Deadly Nightshade

Continuing our series of performers who will all be hitting the stage this saturday at Sideshow: A burlesque nod to the Carnival’s dark underbelly, we’ve got another lovely from Sheffield! Step forward the dark beauty Deadly Nightshade! Deadly Nightshade is as intoxicating as her name suggests. first hitting the stage in 2007, her darkly delicious […]

History Of Burlesque: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Yes, we know what you are all thinking: Chaucer – yawn! For most of us who did English at A Level, Geoffrey Chaucer’s epic work The Canterbury Tales brings a dark cloud of boredom overhead… I (Lilly Laudanum) was one of those annoying classmates who actually enjoyed his works! And looking through the Middle English […]

Meet The Performer: Raven Noir, Appearing at Our Sideshow Show This Saturday

With our burlesque nod to the carnival’s darker underbelly, Sideshow, hitting Swansea Grand Theatre in just a few days, we thought you would like to meet another of the performers, the lovely Raven Noir…  Actually, you might have already met her – especially if you were at our Show Of horrors in October 2013, where she […]

History Of Burlesque: Ancient Greece

When the ‘casual observer’ imagines burlesque, the usual image that comes up is 1940s/1950s era pin up girls, stockings ‘accidentally’ being revealed as a skirt is blown up by a gust of wind, Hollywood-style bombshells and cheeky winks. In actual fact, burlesque is a lot older than it’s ‘vintage’ image… We’re not talking about the […]

Meet The Performer: Lou Safire, performing at Sideshow, Saturday 18 April

Well lovelies, we have a treat for you, this weekend, when our Sideshow – a burlesque tribute to the Carnical’s darker underbelly hits Swansea Grand Arts Wing!  We know you all go totally wild for boylesque artists – look at what happened with Flixx and Dave The Bear! So now we have another for you […]