Bluestocking Lounge Mini Show at Urban Voodoo Machine, next Friday, May 4!

We are looking forward to entertaining everyone with our ‘pop up cabaret’ at Sin City May 4th, supporting those bourbon-soaked gypsy bluesers The Urban Voodoo Machine. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you lucky lot: Oh! Carolina, dubbed the ‘Sideshow Showgirl’ and winner of the 2015 World Burlesque Games Triple Crown, will be providing thrills […]

Meet The Performer: Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co…

With our Night Circus show  just DAYS away, we thought it was high time you met some of the fabulous performers we have lined up for you, starting with Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co.  Founded in 2012, Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co is the brainchild of international performers Daisy Black and Alex McAleer. Renown performers in their own […]

Meet The Performer: Raven Noir, Appearing at Our Sideshow Show This Saturday

With our burlesque nod to the carnival’s darker underbelly, Sideshow, hitting Swansea Grand Theatre in just a few days, we thought you would like to meet another of the performers, the lovely Raven Noir…  Actually, you might have already met her – especially if you were at our Show Of horrors in October 2013, where she […]