Meet The Performer: Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co…

With our Night Circus show  just DAYS away, we thought it was high time you met some of the fabulous performers we have lined up for you, starting with Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co. 

Founded in 2012, Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co is the brainchild of international performers Daisy Black and Alex McAleer. Renown performers in their own right, Alex is a contemporary mind reader while Daisy handles spectacular sideshow acts which include flaming hoops, razor blade swallowing and you can often find her feet off the ground as an aerialist. Together their unique talents combine to create stories that will break your heart with the utter beauty, and have you on the end of your seat with the danger!

We first spotted them at Derby’s Dr Sketchy, where their star-crossed Love Machines fell in love. Equally at home on the cabaret stage, as well as performing to comedy, theatre and sideshow audiences, their acts, including the dangerously exciting tango of Carny And The Tramp (which you lovely bluestocking audiences will have the delight of witnessing!) have taken them all over the UK and abroad, including Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Antwerp, and Edinburgh.

We really cannot wait for you to see them in action! For more information on Gossamer Threads, head over to

For those lucky enough to have tickets to our 15 October show, get their early! Doors open at 7.30pm. Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co will be joined on the bill by Avdotia The Russian Doll, Lilly Laudanum and newcomers Talulah Moon and Pearly DewDrop. 

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