The Arts Fraud Police Are Coming!

You are an arts imposter! You have ‘cheated’ your way in! You aren’t a ‘proper’ performer! You are going to be found out soon, by the ‘real’ arts professionals and believe you and me, they know… If those words strike fear in your heart, you are not alone! Lilly Laudanum has been feeling like an imposter […]

Breast Is Best! Damson Danger on Returning To Burlesque After Baby…

She’s one of our favourite burly daughters, having made her debut in 2014 after attending the Bluestocking School of Burlesque… We are so excited to see Damson Danger’s return and here she writes a frank, honest and funny account on what it’s like to return after having a bonny baby!   “Well, what can I […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ladies and gents! It’s breast cancer awareness month and we just wanted to remind you all how important it is to check yourself… Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK – yes, for men and for women and most breast cancer cases are caught early through self-checking… According to statistics on, […]

Rubyyy Jones’ Stage Readyyy Lessons!

We bloody love Rubyyy Jones – and so did every one of you who came to our Whipping Up A Storm at Swansea Grand last month… Today we are loving her post for new performers on that bloody time of the month… Here’s a link to her blog:

What Burlesque Means To Me by DeeDee DeLa Rouge

So you’ve seen our DeeDee hosting our shows (avec ‘pint of wine and Crack Of Dawn’), you may even have been taught by her in one of our classes or workshops… Here Lilly Laudanum’s rather more glittery co-pilot tells us why she loves burlesque!   I always thought I would like burlesque. I was the […]

Five Feel Good Tips For Making Yourself Feel Good…

Just because it’s sunday and we’ve been shaking our stuff all weekend, we’re feeling good, and think you should too1 So here’s a few short tips to help out that inner voice… Never apologise Ok, by this we mean through your body language, or for who you are – we don’t mean in ‘accidental’ situations, […]

Getting The Right fitting Bra

So here’s one for today, and something that can be very confusing… Did you know that more than half of us are wearing the wrong size bra at this very moment? And also, did you know that the tension headache you keep getting could be the result of an ill-fitting bra? This is exactly what […]

Feeling Shy? Here’s Some Tips To come Out Of Your Shell

We all get a bit shy sometimes and we know it can be a problem for some. With our new course about to start tonight, we thought we’d pass on a few tips based on the confidence techniques we teach to overcome those nerves and get you out of your shell!  Firstly, everyone feels nervous. […]

Just About To Hit The Stage? Five Tips For Performers To Control Nerves

Never be afraid of nerves! So you are waiting in the wings for your name and act to be announced… Nervous? Good, that’s a good start! Nerves come from the basic human ‘fight or flight’ mode. It’s a concentration of energy to help you in a moment of ‘stress’ and a build up to help […]