Audience Participation – Own It!

What’s the most important part of our acts? The Audience! Yes, the audience… They are the most important as without an audience we don’t have an act, really – as what’s the point if you are just going to perform for yourself in front of a mirror? And everything about burlesque screams audience participation – […]

Burlesque Beginners Course, Starting Jan 5 2016

*** New Course starts January 5 2016 *** Tickets here: Places are now released for our beginners courses run over six tuesday nights, 6.30pm- 7.30pm at Revue Studios, 211 High Street, Swansea SA1 1PE. This course is ideal for those who have never tried burlesque before as well as those who have already been […]

Too Little Too Late: Why Tardiness Can Effect You Getting Shows…

If we’re all being honest, we’ve all been late in our lives more than a few times – late to work, late to bed and late to an appointment, but if we want to adopt a professional attitude being late when it comes to any aspect of performing is a big no no – here’s […]

Five Feel Good Tips For Making Yourself Feel Good…

Just because it’s sunday and we’ve been shaking our stuff all weekend, we’re feeling good, and think you should too1 So here’s a few short tips to help out that inner voice… Never apologise Ok, by this we mean through your body language, or for who you are – we don’t mean in ‘accidental’ situations, […]

Feeling Shy? Here’s Some Tips To come Out Of Your Shell

We all get a bit shy sometimes and we know it can be a problem for some. With our new course about to start tonight, we thought we’d pass on a few tips based on the confidence techniques we teach to overcome those nerves and get you out of your shell!  Firstly, everyone feels nervous. […]

Just About To Hit The Stage? Five Tips For Performers To Control Nerves

Never be afraid of nerves! So you are waiting in the wings for your name and act to be announced… Nervous? Good, that’s a good start! Nerves come from the basic human ‘fight or flight’ mode. It’s a concentration of energy to help you in a moment of ‘stress’ and a build up to help […]

Why daring to bare can be a confidence boost…

Goodbye clothes, hello new found confidence! Sounds strange doesn’t it? That the scary notion of baring (well, almost) all can lead to a new you… Interestingly, in almost four years of running burlesque classes, the most common comment from our ladies is how they’ve found a new sense of liberation and confidence through the mere […]

Some positive thinking… YES!

When it comes to performing, positive mental attitude and confidence go hand-in-hand. Yes, it takes belief in yourself to get up on the stage, but even those who have no intention of performing can take these exercises into practice for daily life situations. Fear Embrace the fear that is holding you back… Fear of failure, […]