What Burlesque Means To Me by DeeDee DeLa Rouge

So you’ve seen our DeeDee hosting our shows (avec ‘pint of wine and Crack Of Dawn’), you may even have been taught by her in one of our classes or workshops… Here Lilly Laudanum’s rather more glittery co-pilot tells us why she loves burlesque!   I always thought I would like burlesque. I was the […]

Feeling Shy? Here’s Some Tips To come Out Of Your Shell

We all get a bit shy sometimes and we know it can be a problem for some. With our new course about to start tonight, we thought we’d pass on a few tips based on the confidence techniques we teach to overcome those nerves and get you out of your shell!  Firstly, everyone feels nervous. […]

Just About To Hit The Stage? Five Tips For Performers To Control Nerves

Never be afraid of nerves! So you are waiting in the wings for your name and act to be announced… Nervous? Good, that’s a good start! Nerves come from the basic human ‘fight or flight’ mode. It’s a concentration of energy to help you in a moment of ‘stress’ and a build up to help […]

Why daring to bare can be a confidence boost…

Goodbye clothes, hello new found confidence! Sounds strange doesn’t it? That the scary notion of baring (well, almost) all can lead to a new you… Interestingly, in almost four years of running burlesque classes, the most common comment from our ladies is how they’ve found a new sense of liberation and confidence through the mere […]