Spotlight on our Sponsors: Fancy That Bakery

You may have noticed we quite like it when our lovely Bluestocking Lounge audience members have a birthday… We like to join in the celebration. Until recently, our contribution to that celebration consisted of grabbing some generic shop-bought cup cakes, which were okay… but it wasn’t until our lovely friend Karen set up her vegan […]

Some positive thinking… YES!

When it comes to performing, positive mental attitude and confidence go hand-in-hand. Yes, it takes belief in yourself to get up on the stage, but even those who have no intention of performing can take these exercises into practice for daily life situations. Fear Embrace the fear that is holding you back… Fear of failure, […]

Things to think about when constructing a routine…

We always get asked what we look for when booking acts for the shows and as Bluestocking run beginners burlesque classes, we get asked by potential performers how to construct a routine… so we thought we’d put together a few pointers (which we must just point out isn’t the ‘be all and end all of […]