Too Little Too Late: Why Tardiness Can Effect You Getting Shows…

If we’re all being honest, we’ve all been late in our lives more than a few times – late to work, late to bed and late to an appointment, but if we want to adopt a professional attitude being late when it comes to any aspect of performing is a big no no – here’s […]

Meet The Performers: Taffy BoJangles and Daisy Dalore

At Bluestocking Lounge, we love to give new talent a platform and regulars will know that we only showcase the best new talent on both our Bluestocking stage and at our Clwb Kabookm! sister show in Llanelli… Tonight we have some corkers for you…  You have already met one of our favourite burlesque daughters Daisy […]

Meet The Performer: Lolly Follie performing at tonight’s Naughty But Nice

So with the show happening in a few hours time, we thought you would like to meet the lovely in tonight’s newcomer slot… it is none other than our lovely Lolly Follie!  Lolly started her burly journey last september when she enrolled on our classes and since attending our advance course in March, made her […]

Why Imitation Is Not The highest Form Of Flattery – Copyright Of Routines

The world of burlesque is a caring, sharing place! We care about other performers, we like to take new performers under our wings, we like to share ideas, stages, limited backstage space, hairspray and boob tape… But there’s one thing that it’s definitely not okay to share and that is routines – especially without permission… […]

New Performer Tips: Thinking Big!

We know that, in everyday life, the motto is ‘less is more’. We all want to look naturally lovely, with beautiful barely there make-up, hair flowing naturally, with a gentile persona but when it comes to hitting the stage, that just isn’t going to cut it! You want that back row to see you, your […]

Meet The Performers of Tomorrow’s Clwb Kaboom! Our New Performers

With the November edition of Clwb Kaboom! only tomorrow, and seeing as though you’ve already met Flossie Smalls (just before she did our show in Swansea Grand in August), and you definitely know who Lilly Laudanum is, we thought you should meet some of our new performers…  One of the goals of Clwb Kaboom! is […]

Meet The Performers – Come Fly With Me’s Newcomers!

We here at Bluestocking Lounge love new performers – and especially those who we have helped find their first feet on the stage (just look at Tickety Boo, Teezy Overeezy, Daisy Dalore and more!) so tomorrow night’s show will be even more special when two more Bluestocking graduates take to the stage. Those who were […]

CV Help For Performers

TemplateCV We know a lot of performers are not sure of what to put on CVs when applying for slots on bills so we thought we’d put our heads together and share what we like to see on an application for Bluestocking Lounge shows – and hopefully you performers out there will find some of […]

Act Mapping and Creating a Story Line and Tension

Like every good book, film or theatrical production, when you are creating an act for the stage, you want to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning right through to the end. Unless you intend to improvise right the way through the piece (not advisable at all, unless you are a very accomplished performer!), the […]