Meet The Performers of Tomorrow’s Clwb Kaboom! Our New Performers

With the November edition of Clwb Kaboom! only tomorrow, and seeing as though you’ve already met Flossie Smalls (just before she did our show in Swansea Grand in August), and you definitely know who Lilly Laudanum is, we thought you should meet some of our new performers… 

One of the goals of Clwb Kaboom! is to give a platform to up and coming performers, so they can gain experience in front of an audience. Most of the performers are auditioned by Lilly Laudanum and DeeDee for this slot and we take into careful consideration the entertainment value for our audiences, plus the value of experience performing on a bill made up of professional performers from across the UK will give to our new performers, who will hopefully go on to bigger and better things.

The first of our newcomers is Bailey Blue. Bailey took the Bluestocking advance course in 2013 and has been honing her craft since. We loved her act, which is an alternative look at vanity, making spells and involves a ‘voodoo doll’ which looks just like Bailey Blue! she made her debut at our showcase in Mozarts in July and has performed at Swansea’s Pirate Jenny’s Cabaret. This will be her third show ever!


If you are regulars of our shows you will have seen our belly dance duo Boho Fusion before. Making their Clwb Kaboom! / Bluestocking debut in 2013, these sisters have been performing belly dance for many years with Zahirah Swansea before forming a duo. In fact, regulars of Bluestocking Lounge’s Swansea shows will already know Karen, as she sponsors our birthdays with Fancy That Bakery – yes, those delicious vegan cakes! She is always up for baking, so have a chat with her if you have a special occasion coming up that needs lovely baked stuff! Together with Deby, Boho Fusion perform tribal fusion inspired belly dance and they are debuting a new veil routine at Clwb Kaboom!

The last of our newcomer slots goes to Jubilee Rose and Belle V’Dere. These lovelies started performing as part of the Sextembers, a troupe of ladies who met on Bluestocking’s September 2012 course and didn’t want to give it up! With the Sextembers all going in different directions (Teezy Overeezy is now in Belfast, but you can catch her performing across the UK) Jubilee and Belle came together as a duo, and Frankenstein is the result!

You can see all our newcomers in action tomorrow at Llanelli’s Ffwrnes theatre. There’s just a couple of tickets left now from the Theatrau Sir Gar box office 0845 226 3510 Come along and give them plenty of support!   

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