Meet the Bluestocking Team: Our Dawn!

We like you to meet the performers before our shows, but do you know who is behind the scenes (and in some cases, in front of them?) The Bluestocking team is made up of a number of individuals, who all come together for the common goal of giving you a great night out! And seeing as you love her so much, we thought we’d start with our stage manager Dawn!


We first met Dawn at the very first Bluestocking show (then called Cabaret Rouge Cymru) which hit Carmarthen’s Lyric in February 2010. We heard her laughter and thought we just had to get to know who this was! It wasn’t until our Swansea shows moved from the Monkey Cafe in April 2011 that Dawn came on board with the shows and she (and her famous ‘crack of…’) have been a permanent fixture ever since.


You might see her expertly setting up the performer’s act (which can sometimes be a complicated affair!) and clearing the stage for the next act while our DeeDee chats to you, the audience. Behind the scenes, when the performers arrive, Dawn is there to take down their particulars and run through their set up, she is also there to laugh and cause mischief backstage (she also does this very professionally!) and over the shows, her stage management role has turned into an act of it’s own, especially with her interaction with DeeDee and their intro music (we always cannot wait to see what Dawn and DeeDee will be wearing!)

What you might not know is that Dawn is an awesome pole performer, and she successfully runs pole fitness classes in the very heart of Swansea. She has trained a number of striking pole performers and is very encouraging of new talent. She is one of only a handful of top rated pole fitness teachers in the UK. She always gets embarrassed when we tell people this, but if you want the best, head for Dawn. Dawn has been in the fitness industry since 2002, turning to the pole in 2006. She has trained with some of the best pole performers in the world (including Pantera) and her motto is Pride Through Strength.

You can see Dawn’s Pole work here: and you can see her (and the famous ‘Crack Of Dawn’) at our shows! 

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