About Us…

What we do: 

Bluestocking Lounge is a bi-monthly burlesque club that brings top names and artistes on the international scene right here to Wales. Since Bluestocking Lounge began in February 2010, it has seen the likes of internationally renowned RedSarah, Diva Hollywood, Beatrix Von Bourbon, Missy Malone, The Exotic Luna Rosa, Banbury Cross and more headline line-ups which have featured the cream of the UK crop.

We have also joined forces with Cardiff Burlesque to co-producer the Welsh Burlesque Festival (2012 and 2013), which focuses on homegrown talent and putting on a first class event right here in Wales. We’ve also put on events at Swansea’s Dylan Thomas Festival, hosted the Cabaret Stage at Hereford’s Nozstock 2010 and provided some of our regular performers for prominent events in Wales.   

With our shows, our motto is that the show is for everyone – as no show would be complete without an audience. Our shows are for anyone who likes going out, dressing up, seeing something different, letting their ‘inner person’ out and we welcome audiences from every walk of life…

Check out our Website for show tickets, class workshop places and more…

bluestocking (n.) an erudite woman; woman having or affecting literary tastes and learning [Blue Stocking Society, formed after the French Bas-Blue of the 1500s, met in 1700s to talk on literature, etc]; one half of a brightly coloured pair of leg coverings; an exciting burlesque and alternative cabaret night out in South Wales!    

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