Branding, marketing your brand and standing out from the crowd

In a scene where everyone is a performer and we are all going for the few slots on bills across the country, you need to stand out! So you’ve done your research, found a niche that is different to what a lot of others are doing, now you need to brand yourself to sell yourself, the more you […]

Meet The Performers of Tomorrow’s Clwb Kaboom! Our New Performers

With the November edition of Clwb Kaboom! only tomorrow, and seeing as though you’ve already met Flossie Smalls (just before she did our show in Swansea Grand in August), and you definitely know who Lilly Laudanum is, we thought you should meet some of our new performers…  One of the goals of Clwb Kaboom! is […]

Just About To Hit The Stage? Five Tips For Performers To Control Nerves

Never be afraid of nerves! So you are waiting in the wings for your name and act to be announced… Nervous? Good, that’s a good start! Nerves come from the basic human ‘fight or flight’ mode. It’s a concentration of energy to help you in a moment of ‘stress’ and a build up to help […]