Meet The Performer of CLwb Kaboom! This Friday, 14 November

Well, our sister night Clwb Kaboom! Hits Llanelli’s Ffwrnes this friday and in true Bluestocking tradition, we like you to meet who you will be seeing on stage – it’s always nice to put a face to the name! So today we’d like you to say howdy to our Trans-Atlantic booty shaker Tuesday Laveau! 


Dubbed the ‘Voodoo Queen of burlesque’, Tuesday really does come from the deep south of America. Yes, she has lived in the South West for many years, but you can still hear her native US accent when she speaks. Performing for almost a decade now on both sides of the Atlantic, her acts combine the genius of many of her American influences, voodoo, alternative culture and music – people like Henry Rollins and women with guitars that are full of spirit (she bloody loves it!), and performers such as those on the New York Neo Burlesque scene (Dirty Martini and friends), whose left of centre acts really do have a different level of meaning behind them than the more glamorous ‘feathers and a smile’ acts. She also is a gogo dancer and teaches the ‘science of booty shaking’. We like to think there’s something quite Russ Meyer – Varla from Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill! – about her. She is bad ass.

Aside from all this, she has also helped nurture the scene in Bristol through her (continuing!) collection of like-minded souls. She runs the Bristol Burlesque Festival, and info blog Coochie Crunch, which is also a night in Bristol too. She is encouraging and inspiring!

To read more on the Coochie Crunch, head over here: and to see her in action, grab one of the last tickets to Friday’s show from the Carmarthenshire Theatres Box Office: 0845 226 3510

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