Meet The Performers – Come Fly With Me’s Newcomers!

We here at Bluestocking Lounge love new performers – and especially those who we have helped find their first feet on the stage (just look at Tickety Boo, Teezy Overeezy, Daisy Dalore and more!) so tomorrow night’s show will be even more special when two more Bluestocking graduates take to the stage.

Those who were at our July showcase for new performers will already have seen some of our performers make their debut. The standard of that show was awesome, so you will be seeing quite a bit of our new performers, beginning with Alicia Kanns and Mae Breakheart.

In keeping with the theme, Alicia Kanns will be hitching to the show while Mae Breakheart will be set in a library. We really hope you give them plenty of support as this will be their second ever show!

Check in for tomorrow’s show is at 7.30 (although the arrivals lounge will be open for drinks as usual before then) for an 8pn take off!   

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