Piercing The Veil… Why A Belly Dancer’s Prop Can Be Your New Costume Friend!

We all know that burlesque and belly dance are linked… Since belly¬†dance first entered the Western World’s imagination at the Chicago World Fair in the 1880s (you can read about the history of burlesque and belly dance at the Chicago World Fair here) burlesque dancers have been emulating and converting the moves for our own […]

Rubyyy Jones’ Stage Readyyy Lessons!

We bloody love Rubyyy Jones – and so did every one of you who came to our Whipping Up A Storm at Swansea Grand last month… Today we are loving her post for new performers on that bloody time of the month… Here’s a link to her blog: http://setyourpleasurefree.tumblr.com/post/123029713439/stage-readyyy-lesson-1

Performer Tips – The Importance Of Audience Interaction

When we, the audience, go to a show, we go to be entertained. If we go to see a band, we want the band to move us, we might even get a bit excited if the guitarist throws us a plectrum; if we go to a theatre show, we want to feel something – we […]

New Performer Tips: Thinking Big!

We know that, in everyday life, the motto is ‘less is more’. We all want to look naturally lovely, with beautiful barely there make-up, hair flowing naturally, with a gentile persona but when it comes to hitting the stage, that just isn’t going to cut it! You want that back row to see you, your […]

Some positive thinking… YES!

When it comes to performing, positive mental attitude and confidence go hand-in-hand. Yes, it takes belief in yourself to get up on the stage, but even those who have no intention of performing can take these exercises into practice for daily life situations. Fear Embrace the fear that is holding you back‚Ķ Fear of failure, […]