Meet The Performers: Taffy BoJangles and Daisy Dalore

At Bluestocking Lounge, we love to give new talent a platform and regulars will know that we only showcase the best new talent on both our Bluestocking stage and at our Clwb Kabookm! sister show in Llanelli… Tonight we have some corkers for you… 

whippingupastorm_DaisyDalore6_MissMothYou have already met one of our favourite burlesque daughters Daisy Dalore! Her fan act from our June show, Whipping Up a Storm literally did what it said on the tin – yes, she whipped up a storm. Tonight she will be performing an old favourite act – Mistress Of War, the act which won her best costume at Belfast Burlesque Festival this time last year.

CKNov14_BelleJubilee3_DNAPhotographyYou have also met the second of our newcomers, Taffy Bojangles! Also from the bluestocking school of burlesque, you might remember Taffy as part of the Sextembers a troupe who got together in 2011. You might also remember her as Jubilee Rose… Well, now she’s had a name-change and gone and got all saucy on us – literally – with her ragu themed act (a little note for those who remember Anna Lou’s Ragu from Whipping Up A Storm – we’d like to point out it is definitely not that sort of ragu!), and mama mia! we cannot wait to see it!

See these performers hit the stage with Flossie Smalls, Lilly Laudanum, Aurora Galore and Missy Malone for tonight’s Our Friends Eclectic show at Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing! Doors open at 7.30pm… 

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