Meet The Performer: Velma Von Bon Bon, Performing At Rocktober Rumble This Saturday

We’re crossing the days off on our calendar ready for this Saturday’s show and we have another fabulous performer to introduce to you… Velma Von Bon Bon…    Okay, okay, so if you’ve been a regular at our shows over the years you will already be familiar with this powerhouse of a performer, since she’s […]

Meet The Performer: Audacity Chutzpah, performing at our Summer Time Blues 10 June

It’s Friday! There’s just over a week to go until our Summer Time Blues hits Swansea Grand Arts Wing, so step forward Audacity Chutzpah Based in the South West, Audacity is a comedy genius. Her clever acts, which include an unexpected take on Britannia, and her brilliant fawn – with nods towards Mr Tumnus from […]

Meet The Performer: Ana Kiss, Hitting Swansea Grand This Saturday

In the lead up to our Rites Of Spring show, which hits Swansea Grand Arts Wing this Saturday, we thought we’d roll out another performer for your pleasure – and here she is, Ana Kiss! Ana Kiss is a South West based performer whose acts are sassy and classy. As a classically trained dancer she […]

Meet the Performer: Coco Deville

Well, with our Christmas 2016 show only tomorrow we thought we’d better introduce you to some of the performers… Yes, we know we’re a bit late on this, but we say, these lovelies are with waiting for! Beginning with our Brighton-based beauty Coco Deville!  We think Coco Deville is absolutely awesome! She’s a total firecracker […]

Meet The Performer: Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co…

With our Night Circus show  just DAYS away, we thought it was high time you met some of the fabulous performers we have lined up for you, starting with Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co.  Founded in 2012, Gossamer Threads Vaudeville Co is the brainchild of international performers Daisy Black and Alex McAleer. Renown performers in their own […]

a New Royal Family – What A Regal Rumble!

I think we’ve managed to calm down since the right royal rumble that was Saturday’s show! One of our best ever, we reckon! We had such amazing acts, including one of our favourite headliners Red Sarah who closed the show with a right royal bang! She also performed one of our favourite acts, the Queen […]

Meet The Performer: Aurora Galore

With our Our Friends Eclectic show hitting Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing in just a matter of days, we thought it was about time you met some of the performers you’re going to be seeing… Starting with Aurora Galore!  We have to say, we’re really excited to have Aurora in Swansea… She is a very […]

Meet The Performer: Lolly Follie performing at tonight’s Naughty But Nice

So with the show happening in a few hours time, we thought you would like to meet the lovely in tonight’s newcomer slot… it is none other than our lovely Lolly Follie!  Lolly started her burly journey last september when she enrolled on our classes and since attending our advance course in March, made her […]

Meet The Performer: Dave The Bear, performing at our Naughty But Nice show Tomorrow!

With the show hitting the stage of Swansea Grand Theatre Arts wing tomorrow night there’s one performer we’ve not introduced you to yet (how rude!)… but he clearly needs no introduction since you begged us to bring him back! He is, of course, Dave The Bear! When Dave The Bear hit our stage last June […]

Meet The Performer: Lady Lolly Rouge, appearing at our naughty But Nice Show this Saturday

Are you ready for another introduction? You are? Great! As we have a scorcher for you today in the shape of the lovely Lady Lolly Rouge…  Those who were at our little sister night Clwb Kaboom! a couple of years ago will already be familiar with this ravishing redhead, when she wowed the audience with […]