Meet the Performer: Coco Deville

Well, with our Christmas 2016 show only tomorrow we thought we’d better introduce you to some of the performers… Yes, we know we’re a bit late on this, but we say, these lovelies are with waiting for! Beginning with our Brighton-based beauty Coco Deville! 

coco_deville2_andrew-roach-photographysmallerWe think Coco Deville is absolutely awesome! She’s a total firecracker live, bursting with energy with acts that are cool, quirky and cute in equal measure.

Performing on the burlesque and cabaret circuit for over a decade, Coco is one of the most unique performers, with a range of high energy routines that blend all that she loves – and that ranges from chocolate to disco – with humor, high theatrics and dynamic dance… And her high octane smile is truly infectious.

She has enjoyed a residency at London’s prestigious Proud Cabaret since 2010 and has been captivating audiences across Europe with her unique stage presence.

Tomorrow she promises a visit from Santa like none other and she will also be performing her signature routine – and Christmas Selection Box favourite ‘Oooh Lala Chocolat’ which pays homage to that classic British Flake… We simply cannot wait!

Coco pics by Andrew Roach

Catch Coco along with Stage Door Johnny, Sandy Sure, Lilly Laudanum, Mae Breakheart  – and we may have another surprise guest in our stockings – just hide the drink – tomorrow, Doors are 7.30! 

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