History Of Burlesque: The Skirt Dancer

Continuing our look at burlesque history, we’re examining the Skirt Dancer, one of the most dramatic and visual aspects of the vaudeville stage, most popular in the late 1800s. If you’ve been a regular on the burlesque scene – either through audience or performer, you will recognise a modern version of the skirt dancer in […]

a New Royal Family – What A Regal Rumble!

I think we’ve managed to calm down since the right royal rumble that was Saturday’s show! One of our best ever, we reckon! We had such amazing acts, including one of our favourite headliners Red Sarah who closed the show with a right royal bang! She also performed one of our favourite acts, the Queen […]

Meet The Performer: Pearl Grey, who’ll be hitting ‘A New Royal Family’ this saturday!*

With our first Bluestocking show of 2016 about to hit Swansea Grand Theatre in just a few days, we thought it was time to introduce you to yet another performer… The lovely Pearl Grey! Dubbed one of the UK’s funniest burlesque performers, Pearl Grey is a heady brew of comedy, history – and she’s a […]

Meet The Performer: Rusty Von Chrome, performing at ‘A New Royal Family’ this saturday

Well, it wouldn’t be a royal gathering without a king, now would it? And here  we have the finest royal male for you in the shape of Rusty Von Chrome! Hailing from Manchester, Rusty Von Chrome is undoubtedly the king of the codpiece. An award-winning performer from Manchester, Rusty has been lighting up the burlesque […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts pt 24

So it’s Christmas eve – which means only one thing -we’ve come to the end of our Christmas facts! Hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have! Plus it’s also given us the excuse to raid out Bluestocking Christmas show picture file – and today’s is from last year’s Hothouse Flowers show, and who […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts pt 22 and 23

So we’ve come to the penultimate edition of the geeky historical facts – we hope you’ve all enjoyed reading them and having a gander at pics from BSL’s Christmas shows over the years…  Fact #22 concerns the Vikings (again) and the Krampen. The Vikings god Odin is said to be a precursor to the ‘modern […]

Geeky Historical Christmas Facts pt6

It’s the 6th December, so that means part 6 of our christmas facts! Absolutely nothing to do with burlesque or cabaret, but everything (obviously!) to do with christmas – plus it gives us the excuse to look at all our festive BSL pics from the past five years! Fact #6 wassailing…  While wassailing (old english […]

Geeky historical Christmas Facts pt 1-3

Nothing to do with burlesque but just getting us into the christmas spirit! We’re re-publishing Lilly Laudanum’s collection of historical christmas facts, well, because we can! We be posting them right up to christmas eve, so stay tuned! Today’s installment is parts 1-3 as we’ve missed a few days! Fact #1 Gifts… So, we give […]