Meet The Performer: Rusty Von Chrome, performing at ‘A New Royal Family’ this saturday

Well, it wouldn’t be a royal gathering without a king, now would it? And here  we have the finest royal male for you in the shape of Rusty Von Chrome!

rustyVonChromeHenrybwHailing from Manchester, Rusty Von Chrome is undoubtedly the king of the codpiece. An award-winning performer from Manchester, Rusty has been lighting up the burlesque scene for a few years bringing characters such as the arresting American Cop, sailor and of course, Henry VIII. We’ve heard there’s some other awesome characters in the pipeline too – including Lord Flasheart… Is that a canoe in your pocket or are you just pleased to see him? Woof!

Rusty tells us that Henry is looking for a new wife – so look out ladies! We also are excited to say Henry will be reunited with his daughters Elizabeth and Mary – we’re expecting fireworks!

See Rusty Von Chrome, along with RedSarah, Pearl Grey, Lilly Laudaum, Boris and Doris Von Sneeze and a “special purple royal surprise” this saturday at nSwansea Grand Theatre…      

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