Meet The Performer: RedSarah, performing at ‘A New Royal Family’ This Saturday!

With our next show just around the corner, we thought we’d better introduce you to our fabulous headliner RedSarah!


RedSarah is one of Bluestocking Lounge’s favourite performers. She performed at our very first show in Carmarthen’s Lyric (6 years ago thus month) and her wonderful characterisations and stunning stage stories have made her a firm favourite with audiences across the globe. With some 20+ years of performance under her belt, her neo burlesque style and colourful creations has set her apart from her contemporaries and thrust her at the forefront of British burlesque for more than a decade.

RedSarahCasonova_sweetness_MissMothRedSarah is well known for her fire skills also, she is the head honcho of the Fire School teaching the art of fire eating and breathing and she is one of the most respected professionals in the industry.

The Mistress of Make-believe, RedSarah’s characters are captivating. Previously she has brought Casanova to Swansea – and we can tell you he drove the ladies wild! We’ve also seen Betty Boob, a twist on the classic cartoon as you’ve never seen her before, and the naughty Miss Piggy balloon pop – did we mention RedSarah loves balloons? She is one of the most creative performers when it comes to balloons and you can find out why on Saturday!

Read more about RedSarah at

RedSarah will be headlining ‘A New Royal Family’, Saturday Feb 20 at Swansea Grand Theatre. Dress regally! There’s always a prize for the best dressed! 

RedSarah will also be running a fun Drag King workshop at Revue Studios, 20 February 2-4pm. Places are still available here


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