Geeky historical Christmas Facts pt 1-3

Nothing to do with burlesque but just getting us into the christmas spirit! We’re re-publishing Lilly Laudanum’s collection of historical christmas facts, well, because we can! We be posting them right up to christmas eve, so stay tuned! Today’s installment is parts 1-3 as we’ve missed a few days!

Fact #1 Gifts…

So, we give gifts at Christmas not because of coke’s manipulated version of St Nicholas (a 3rd century Christian from Patara, which is on modern turkey’s south coast)… but because of the 3 Wise Men giving gold, frankincense and myrrh (frankincense and myrrh burned together makes the scent of God, apparently!). So blame those blokes for the gift of giving…

Fact #2 Crackers

You may think these are a modern thing. but nay, I tell thee. They are a leftover remnant from the Lord Of Misrule (who reigned supreme from the Roman feast of Saturnalia under a different name, right through to Henry VIII’s time). The crown symbolises his status, the joke for the merry making, and the explosion for the chaos! Loving the fact that all rules and laws were reversed during this period – an excuse for drinking, gambling and feasting to excess!

fact #3

The Yule Log! (Because I love a chocolate log, me   )The Yule Log’s origins are Norse, actually (we like Vikings, too, which is a bonus in today’s fact!). In Scandinavia the Norse celebrated Yule from the Winter Solstace on 21 December. At the return of the sun, the men of the house would bring in logs which were set alight, and people would feast until the logs had burned out (which could be as long as 12 days). Apparently the Norse believed that each spark from the fire represented a new pig or calf that was going to be born in the coming year.


(main pic – Lilly Laudanum’s Bra Humbug! by Miss Moth Photography)

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