Geeky Historical Christmas facts, 4 and 5

As we are at the 5th December, here are parts 4 and 5 of our historical fact about christmas – nothing to do with burlesque or cabaret, but everything do do with feeling christmassy! 

Fact #4 concerns Mistletoe… 

The moniker of this is actually of Anglo Saxon origin (Misteltan – means dung stick, as misteltoe was thought to have been spread by bird poo… Still feel like kissing under it?). The ancient driuds thought it had mystikal powers and brought good luck so hung it in the house to ward off evil spirits. The Norse (remember, we like Vikings. A Lot.) used it as a sign of love and friendship, which is where kissing under it comes from.

Fact #5 concerns the ‘official’ colours of christmas red, green and gold 

You’ll be glad to know it has nothing to do with coca cola! Green is symbolic of growth and re-birth, red is for the blood of christ and gold symbolises wealth, royalty and light…

Main pic is Chio Hezar, who will be performing at our Bra Humbug show, Swansea Grand Arts Wing, 19 December. copyright Miss Moth Photography

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