Geeky Historical Christmas Facts pt6

It’s the 6th December, so that means part 6 of our christmas facts! Absolutely nothing to do with burlesque or cabaret, but everything (obviously!) to do with christmas – plus it gives us the excuse to look at all our festive BSL pics from the past five years!

Fact #6 wassailing… 

While wassailing (old english Waes Hael – meaning ‘be you healthy’ / ‘be well’) was an ancient southern ritual done around the apple harvest to the trees to promote a good crop the following year (toast was involved, too!) wassail at christmas comes from Saxon times, where at the start of the new year, the lord of the manor would shout ‘waes hael’ and the crowd respond ‘drinc hael’. the wassail drink bowl, containing either a cider or ale containing spices and honey, was then passed around…


main pic – the Bay Belles Blue Christmas routine from December 2010

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