Shoe Make-Overs!

With all this giving at Christmas, we thought it was time you gave a gift to yourselves – the gift of never having boring shoes ever again!

All you need to re-vamp your shoes is a bit of imagination, some shoes which you think are in need of a new lease of life and then the rest is up to you… Here’s some ideas:

shoesblogdye1Dye – you can buy shoe dye in all different shades to change the look of shoes. Dye works best on fabric shoes or leather shoes. Check on the label which material your dye suits. Also, the paint on dye is better than the spray on dye. Apply in thin coats, allowing each coat to dry in between applications. Here, we changed some white shoes into a more wearable green and black. We’ve also glued a satin flower to the front to add a focal point. Make sure you finish with some scotchguard or other all-weather protector. Be mindful that light colours are a lot easier to dye than dark colours for a success!

WP_20151206_17_25_59_ProBroken jewelry – We all have bits and pieces knocking about that are no use any more because they are either broken or missing… Or perhaps you’ve seen some suitable cheap costume shesblogearringsjewelry on sale in places like Primark which would be ideal for costumes or jazzing up shoes? Well, arm yourself with a tube of gen-tac/E6000 or similar strong bonding glue (make sure you open the windows, you do not want to inhale the fumes!!) and get creative. Here we used 3 pairs of broken earrings and some SS16 Eimass stones to add interest to an otherwise nice-enough but a bit boring pair of shoes…

shoesblogGem up your Dance Shoes – Dance shoes are really easy to customise… They usually come in light colours are are usually satin, which makes dying them really easy. Other ideas include adding gems (as above), and even changing the colour of the glitter – which is easier than you think – for fine glittered shoes, you can paint on glittered nail varnish in your chosen shade – but bear in mind, the original coloured glitter will show through if you use this method. You can also cover your chosen area (or whole shoe) entirely in glitter- just cover the show in strong glue and shake on some good quality glitter, then seal with a thin layer of glue, clear nail varnish or similar.

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