Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 7

Nothing to do with burlesque (aside from giving us the chance to root through the Bluestocking Christmas album) but everything to do with Christmas, we’re bringing you a geeky historical Christmas fact for every day leading up to Christmas… 

Fact #7 – Mince Pies… 

They are actually of Middle Eastern origin (my fave part of the world) and were brought back by the Crusaders. Originally they contained meats as well as spices and fruit (yes, I know, we all know that part!), and the Victorians changed the recipe to just fruit and spices. But if you are thinking of chowing down on these birds on christmas day beware! It’s actually illegal! that’s right. Since the reign of the Puritanical Oliver Cromwell in the 1600s, who put a downer on all fun and feasting at christmas by banning everything (boo!), this law has been in place and no one has thought to have it repealed. So be a law breaker this Xmas, eat a mince pie!

Main pic – One of the first outings of Tickety Boo’s Elf act from Myths and Legends, December 2012. Pic by Miss Moth Photography 


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