Meet The Performer: Aurora Galore

With our Our Friends Eclectic show hitting Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing in just a matter of days, we thought it was about time you met some of the performers you’re going to be seeing… Starting with Aurora Galore!  We have to say, we’re really excited to have Aurora in Swansea… She is a very […]

Make yourself Some Professional Pasties pt3: Getting Stoned and Other Decoration!

So, if you’ve followed our pastie making series – part one – the basics here and part two – odd shapes here, you must be itching to get at those rhinestones and decorate them! Part 3 is all about the decoration – and using your imagination too!  What you will need: To make sparkly – rhinestones, glue […]

Make Yourself Some Professional Pasties pt2: Odd Shapes

If you’ve read our Pasties ‘how to’ Make yourself Professional pasties Pt 1 then you already know how to make yourself some basic (un-decorated – we’ll get onto that in the last part!) pasties with tassels… but what if you want to make some that are a more ‘specialist’ shape? Here is the low down on making […]

Pastie Tips

No one wants a pastie to fall off during a show – so here’s a few tips that might help keep them solid during your performance (originally posted on our sept 2012)… Preparation is the key… Never use body moisturiser or oil-based products, talk, body powder or make up in the area that you […]