Ruffling Your Feathers: All You Need To Know When Purchasing Plumes and Being a Fan of Fans!

We love them, you love them and burlesque, cabaret, showgirls and dance are heavily linked to them… Yes, we’re talking plumage today! But when it comes to buying feathers, it’s not as straight-forward as you may think. With feathers, you generally get what you pay for, and what may seem like a brilliant online auction […]

Make yourself Some Professional Pasties pt3: Getting Stoned and Other Decoration!

So, if you’ve followed our pastie making series – part one – the basics here and part two – odd shapes here, you must be itching to get at those rhinestones and decorate them! Part 3 is all about the decoration – and using your imagination too!  What you will need: To make sparkly – rhinestones, glue […]

Costume Tips: Washing Corset, Beaded Costume and other ‘unwashable’ items…

So you have an amazing costume that you’ve taken ages to rhinestone and it’s smelling a bit stale after a few wears… Perhaps your corset needs a bit of a clean or your fringing is getting a bit funky. Sometimes a spritz of Febreeze will not do, as perhaps the item is stained, so here’s […]

110% ALWAYS…

Being on stage requires a lot of dedication, not just in creating your act, rehearsing and then rehearsing some more… it’s about giving extra and paying attention to all the details all of the time… Here’s a few things that often get over-looked, as a check list.   Rehearsed: Have you rehearsed your act enough? […]