Meet The Performer: Audacity Chutzpah, performing at our Summer Time Blues 10 June

It’s Friday! There’s just over a week to go until our Summer Time Blues hits Swansea Grand Arts Wing, so step forward Audacity Chutzpah

Audacity-Chutzpah-579-retouchedBased in the South West, Audacity is a comedy genius. Her clever acts, which include an unexpected take on Britannia, and her brilliant fawn – with nods towards Mr Tumnus from the CS Lewis epic – complete with a ‘going through the wardrobe’ moment and lettuce fans (genius!) have seen her twice nominated for  a London Cabaret Award for Best Performer, while her stand alone show, Waiting For Stanley has been performed at Edinburgh Festival, among other venues, to much critical acclaim.

She also runs Bluestocking-monikered events ‘Night Of The Bluestocking’ and is founder of the Bluestocking Society (clearly we’re on the same wave-length!) alongside another of the performers we have lined up for later in the year, Tricity Vogue. She was also part of the awesome foursome The Original Street Dancers (which also feature some of our all-time favourite Bluestocking guests Shirley Windmill – yes, she of the MASSIVE marrow, and ‘we-can-never-look-at-tea-bags-in-the-same-way-again’ Ginger Blush, plus Hotcake Kitty) who demostrate the true meaning of traditional English dance (Morris dancing? Forget it!).

But that’s not all of this talented artiste’s skills! She also runs laughter therapy workshops and has a history degree tucked into her garter belt, which has come in handy for her stage repertoire – as ticket holders will see next Saturday!

Performing on the burlesque and cabaret circuit for many years, Audacity has been described by Time Out as “one of the funniest and most endearing performers on the burlesque scene” and we are delighted to have her in Swansea!


Audacity Chutzpah hits Swansea Grand Theatre, June 10 as part of a fantastic line-up including Mister Meredith, Starla Bright, Scarlet Blush, Eddie Kelly and Ernie Sparkles. There’s still a couple of tickets at Hobos, and at Swansea Grand box office 01792 475715 – don’t miss out!  

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