Meet The Performer: Mister Meredith, Performing This Saturday at Swansea Grand

With our Summer Time Blues just days away, we thought you ought to meet one of our most charming of performers – the very naughty Mister Meredith…

If variety is at the end of the pier, Mister Meredith just went and jumped off – this musical comedian has a penchant for very nautical antics and loose clothing! He’s a dandy, a charmer and his sparkling wit have seen him host three successful solo shows at Edinburgh Festival. He can be seen, mostly with his massive organ, on stages across the UK and at London’s Variety Bunker, which he runs with his partner in crime, the Divine Miss Em (we love Miss Em, by the way!)

With years of theatrical experience, as well as hosting grand events, and can regularly be found hosting Proud Cabaret shows, his sparkling wit and his saucy tongue get audiences into a flap. He’s had many a celeb with their knees up against his instrument in the 10 years he’s been running his sing-a-longs at London’s The Coach And Horses and George Tavern (a must on the party circuit!) and those with very keen eyes might remember him from last year, when he hosted the Grin And Tonic summer show at Hogarths, Swansea.

Describing himself as dandy host, singer and occasional old slapper in fishnets, he’ll be bringing a pocked-sized instrument with him to the stage this Saturday and if you’re lucky you might get to witness the fishnets! But beware! He will not be accepting any liability for any ‘liquids’ spilled during his act!

You can catch the marvelous Mister Meredith as part of the stunning line up of our Summer Time Blues, at Swansea Grand Arts Wing. Doors open at 7.30pm. There are still tickets available at Swansea Grand box office 01792 475715 and at Hobos…

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