Spotlight on our Sponsors: Fancy That Bakery

Spotlight on our Sponsors: Fancy That Bakery

You may have noticed we quite like it when our lovely Bluestocking Lounge audience members have a birthday… We like to join in the celebration. Until recently, our contribution to that celebration consisted of grabbing some generic shop-bought cup cakes, which were okay… but it wasn’t until our lovely friend Karen set up her vegan cake and treat business Fancy That Bakery that birthdays at Bluestocking became delicious!

As everyone who has had a birthday at one of our recent shows can testify, Fancy That’s cakes and treats are a totally indulgent experience (ask Lilly and Dawn, they may have ‘tucked into’ one of the cakes in question!). Rich in flavour and sometimes with a drop of something naughty – you would never know they were vegan!

Don’t forget you can order your own cakes directly from Fancy That Bakery – they cater for all occasions: birthdays, parties, etc… and We hear that Karen is currently working on a gluten free range too…

Head over to Facebook to get in touch:

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