Breast Is Best! Damson Danger on Returning To Burlesque After Baby…

She’s one of our favourite burly daughters, having made her debut in 2014 after attending the Bluestocking School of Burlesque… We are so excited to see Damson Danger’s return and here she writes a frank, honest and funny account on what it’s like to return after having a bonny baby!  

DamsonDangerSmaller“Well, what can I say! Coming back to burlesque after having my little boy in Feb 2015 – I am so flippin’ excited to get back up on stage it’s unreal. My goal was to be back within six months of having him – well little did I know how unrealistic that was! But a year later and a two-week deadline, I have a brand new act ready to debut this Saturday.

“It has been a whirlwind of a learning curve that’s for sure; juggling a one year old and making costumes from scratch is not easy, as I have discovered. But he has been a joy and loves it when mummy starts to shimmy and practise (lol!). This has its own hazards as making sure I don’t knock him over whilst doing my rehearsal is tricky but do-able…  Just! I have been able to take him with me to Revue Dance Studio in Swansea to rehearse which ment the world to me and thank you (you know who you are). This was an amusing day as there is me getting changed ready to go home when I take my pasties off to find that breastmilk has leaked out everywhere because of all the jiggling about! I had no idea that this would happen as I haven’t tasselled since I was three months pregnant. It was perhaps the funniest thing to happen to me in a while – and to anyone who plans to tassel whilst still breastfeeding, I suggest copious amounts of booby tape ladies!

“Then we have the sequins… Ah the sequins! They are everywhere in my house, currently. But when you find them stuck to tiny toes and have them picked up and passed to you with little hands it is the cutest thing 🙂 I have yet to find one in a nappy! There is still time…

“I have gone from not knowing anything about splitting myself into two and dividing my time, to being not bad at picking up where I left off hand sewing because the baby was crying like, ‘You just can’t do that one last stitch mummy, as I need you to read me this book!’ I also recommend painting of sparkly toes to be done after bedtime as I had to move constantly round the house as he saw my feet and thought, ‘Oooowwwww shiny!’ Mental note to self: wait until it’s dry before you show off your toes next time!

“All in all it has been an enjoyable, funny experience and I can’t wait to be back on stage performing again. My little boy is my world but we do need time to be us sometimes. Some people go out for a drink with friends, some for food, etc etc… But for me it is getting up in front of God knows how many people and having the time of my life with the people who helped me become a burlesque dancer in the first place. Christmas 2013, I saw a Bluestocking Lounge show for the first time and from that moment I knew that it was what I wanted to do. Sitting in that audience changed my life forever. More than ever as my partner and I met through me doing burlesque and, of course, we had our gorgeous little man. The support I have had from my burly family to get back up on stage is overwhelming and I am so, so, soooo grateful to you all.

“So Saturday night is my first performance at the Bluestocking Lounge and it is safe to say I couldn’t be more excited about being there. It is where it all started for me, so I think it is rather fitting that my first show back after having my little boy is here. All I have to do is keep sticky little fingers away from sparkles and pretty things for a few more days as it is still all systems go getting the costume finished. Is it worth the stress? Hell yes! It is worth every stick of a pin and every smile I get when I say ouch! What is even more worth it is when my music starts playing and little feet (not mine) start to dance around the house! Too cute for words and, hey, if he wants to do burlesque when he is older I shall support him all the way! I am so so happy to be back 🙂 and I’m back with a big big splash! My burly mummy is the best. Without this lady I wouldn’t be doing this. She is one in a million and you all know who she is!

“Love to you all and let’s hope the milk stays in Saturday night ay ;-)!

Damson xxx!”

You can catch Damson Danger at our All At Sea show, Saturday as Swansea Grand Theatre… Doors are open 7.30pm



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