Meet The Performer: Diva Hollywood

With our ‘All At Sea’ show happening at the end of this week we thought it was time for you to meet another of our awesome performers – Diva Hollywood!

“She has the best Bazongers!” Burlesque legend Satan’s Angel on Diva Hollywood

Diva-hollywood_tiger-tamer-solo-sunburst_a.smallerjpgActually, if you’ve been a regular at our shows over the last 6 years, you will have already met Diva – she’s performed for us three times before. Her acts are always full of magical tales, strong storytelling and always with a clever twist. Those who saw Diva at our Caramrthen Lyric show in 2010 will remember her ‘Ruthless Love’ act; the tale of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to hang in England. We loved Diva’s very subtle use of symbolism – the hearts on Ruth’s dress are pure white, but after she has killed her lover the hearts on her costume the next layer down are black and we’re sure the heart at the end reveal were broken. We also loved her Evolution of Woman act, where neolithic woman finds sparkly shoes and the transformation begins, plus her ‘The Pearl’ in which her mermaid pulled out some treasure of the sea from a very naughty hiding place, is always a joy to watch!

Diva has been performing across the globe since 2005, and bringing a bit of magic to audiences in cities such as New York, Milan, Geneva and Paris. She’s won many awards for acts including her Tiger Tamer – which she’ll be performing for her fourth visit to Bluestocking lounge. Since picking up the whip, she’s become the World’s number one whip teaser – and we can’t wait for you to see her in action! She’s also be bringing her newest act ‘Pirate Booty’ for you all!

You can see Diva Hollywood alongside a bill of ship-shape performers including the fabulous Fräulein Frauke, beautiful Betty Blue Eyes, Lilly Laudanum, Scarlet Blush and the return of Damson Danger! Doors open at 7.30pm – get there early for the best seats in the house.

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